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We’ve built innovative solutions with world leading companies.

Insurance & mobility

Deep Insights Into Driving Behavior

Uber was our first client! As Uber expanded globally, they worked with Sentiance to ensure safe, reliable, and comfortable rides for their customers.

Reducing Distracted Driving with Behavioral Coaching

Almost 60% of fatal crashes in Western Australia are due to distracted driving. Sentiance works with RAC to reduce distracted driving behavior.

Deep Insights for Pay-How-You-Drive Insurance

Cuvva uses Sentiance technology to provide flexible Pay-How-You-Drive auto insurance offering.

Giving “Peace of Mind” to Family Members

A leader in family safety tracking, Geozilla works with Sentiance to provide their users with data and insights about their family members’ driving behavior.

Usage-based Insurance (UBI): Pay-How-You-Drive

Sentiance works with ABSA to develop a bespoke solution across mobile and in-vehicle IoT hardware that generates driving insights and lifestyle insights.

Usage-based Insurance (UBI)

RISK is an InsurTech Service Provider offering UBI for Insurance Advisors, Online Labels and Insurers.

Mobility Insights for Sustainability

Siara uses Sentiance technology to understand people’s mobility behavior and encourage people to travel in a sustainable way.

City Traffic Congestion Solution

Using Sentiance technology, Olympus Mobility developed an app for the City of Antwerp to solve traffic congestion issues.


Customer engagement and Loyalty for commerce

Sentiance technology enables hyper-personalization and context-optimized engagement with customers.


Customer engagement and Loyalty for digital banks

Sentiance technology enables banks to better understand customers’ routines and context, therefore provide customers with the most relevant loyalty offers at the best timing and context.


Care Adherence

By monitoring users’ activity level and movement patterns to enable better care, and coaching them towards a healthier lifestyle.

Why our clients love us

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Leading technology

Clients chose us over competitors because of the accuracy and robustness of our technology.

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We see clients as long-term partners, that’s why we create flexible solutions and show 100% commitment.

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Shared vision

We have a shared vision of using technology in an ethical way to make the world safer and more sustainable.

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