Customer journey mapping and smart recommendations

Online-to-offline behavioral mapping for real-time engagement and contextual recommendations, optimizing user experience, loyalty and lifetime value.

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Journey mapping

Understanding the consumer journey across offline and online touchpoints, uncovering patterns and predicting behavior.



Real-time user engagement, optimized to personal profile and preferences, and adapted to real-time and predicted context.



Smart recommendations and next-best-action suggestions, based on detected and predicted consumer journeys.


Lifetime value

Personalised user experiences and contextual assistance, driving loyalty and lifetime value.

Customer journey mapping

  • Behavioral insights
    The Sentiance platform generates rich behavioral insights into customers’ lifestyle by tracking daily activity patterns and routines
  • Online-to-offline (O2O)
    These insights can be blended with declared and cross-channel interaction data to create a single and contextualized view of customers’ daily journeys
  • Path to purchase
    Sentiance pattern recognition and predictive modeling will uncover relevant and real-time moments to engage customers with offers and services when it matters most


  • Behavioral personalization
    Personalize engagement based on observed and predicted customer behavior
  • Contextual recommendations
    Adapt recommendations to inferred or predicted context for right-time engagement
  • Real-time assistance
    Proactively provide the right content and services based on real-time insights

Behavioral insights

  • Gather observed data in addition to declared data
  • Reduce costs of data collection through automation
  • Build profiles and context in a matter of weeks

Low cost & simple deployment

The setup requires a simple SDK integration into a smartphone app and provides a flexible API for accessing the driving events, context and scores.

  • Simple SDK integration into mobile application.
  • Over-the-air deployment enabling broad reach and selective activation.
  • Minimal battery and bandwidth usage, thanks to optimized sensor fusion and minimized GPS fixes.
  • Simple over-the-air software updates; no hardware updates or maintenance required.
  • Option to match driver to single car via mobile app connection to Bluetooth beacon in car.

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