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Online-to-offline behavioral mapping for real-time contextual engagement and recommendations 🛒💥

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Journey Mapping

Understand your customer across offline and online touch-points, uncover patterns and predict behavior.



Tailored and optimized for your users’ personal profile and preferences.


Smart Recommendations

Next-best-action suggestions, based on detected and predicted customer activities.


Lifetime Value

Personalized experiences and contextual assistance, drive loyalty and lifetime value.

Customer journey mapping

  • Online-to-offline (O2O)
    Analyze cross-channel interaction data to create a single and contextualized view of customers’ journey maps.
  • Path to purchase
    Uncover relevant and real-time moments with pattern recognition and predictive modeling.
  • Behavioral insights
    The Sentiance platform generates rich behavioral insights into customers’ lifestyles by tracking daily activity patterns and routines


  • Contextual recommendations
    Adapt recommendations on inferred or predicted context to maximize engagement.
  • Behavioral personalization
    Personalize engagement based on observed and predicted customer behavior.
  • Real-time assistance
    Proactively provide the right content and services at the right time.

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