Smartphone-based car crash detection 💥

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  • High accuracy
  • Real-time
  • Grounded in science

On-device & real-time

We use smartphone location and motion sensor data to detect car crashes in real-time when your customers need help.

High accuracy

Our highly accurate solution has been extensively tested in the field, giving you the confidence you need to act quickly.

Detailed reporting

Get a detailed crash report to help reconstruct the crash timeline and accelerate the claim resolution process.

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On-device to ensure immediacy

On-device crash detection ensures the crash is detected without delay. With real-time crash detection, you can:

  • Notify a friend or family member
  • Request emergency services and/or road side assistance
  • Start the eFNOL process right away with pre-filled details

Tailored for your use case

We provide a flexible solution to meet the accuracy requirements of different use cases – family safety apps, roadside assistance, or insurance claims settlement.

Our machine learning algorithms are designed to continuously improve its accuracy based on real-world feedback.

Crash forensics reporting

A detailed crash report including hard braking, acceleration, phone handling, location (before, during, and after the crash), weather and traffic conditions at the time of impact helps you understand the potential causes of a crash.

Is a crash due to bad weather, road type, time of day, traffic congestion, or trip context? We can identify the relevant risk factors to enable faster and more accurate claim processing.

Scientifically developed and validated

Our crash detection solution is scientifically developed and extensively validated with our partner Autoliv.
In addition to crash pulses collected from dedicated lab facilities, we use claims data from our partners to validate and improve our solution.

Read more about App integration and Crash Report

Use cases


  • High accuracy
  • Faster claims processing
  • Improved customer experience

Family safety

  • Immediate notification to loved ones
  • Emergency response
  • Roadside assistance


  • Vehicle damage assessment
  • Driver risk assessment
  • Towing services

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