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Isolate. Measure. Coach.

These are the building blocks used to create safer drivers with an informative, personalized, and user-friendly experience. 

We isolate the situation where a behavior occurred, measure it, and then coach the user to change their behavior.

Driver profiling

Our driver-centric approach is fueled by smartphone sensor data. It unveils specific driver habits and behavior in real-time, building a rich holistic profile.

  • Driving events detection
  • Context-aware intelligence
  • Mobility behavior profiling
  • Lifestyle behavior profiling
  • Multi-modal transport detection
  • Driver/passenger detection
Insurance-driver-lifestyle profiling

In-App Experience:


  • Powerful behavior change techniques are implemented through mobile app features 
  • The app displays detailed trip distraction detection and personalized weekly statistics 
  • Self-monitoring creates awareness and desire to change behavior 
  • Customized coaching techniques provided through Smart Tips and Knowledge Bites

In-App Experience:

Action Stage

  • Challenges are introduced to users, 7 days after installing the app
  • They set specific driving goals and help the users take action
  • Challenges start off easy and become more difficult as users progress
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The Outcome

In previous studies, we’ve seen: 

  • 50% of coached users reduced their distractions by almost 60%.
  • 75% of app users engaged with the focused-driving challenges.
  • Most users engage with the app on a daily basis.
  • 34% of the time, the app is used right after a car trip.

Webinar: Reducing Distracted Driving

For Distracted Driving Awareness Month, Sentiance chatted with insurtech experts Autoliv and Just!

We discussed new technologies adopted, what’s being done to improve driving behavior, and all things telematics.

Check out the Safer Driver App Case Study, with Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia (RAC) 💡

Let’s create sustainable change.

Get the ultimate insights into your users’ behavior. Create personalized adaptive products and services and drive behavior change.

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