Sentiance wins 2021 FinTech Award for “Best FinTech Mobile Telematics Provider – Europe”

We won the “Best FinTech Mobile Telematics Provider – Europe” award by Wealth & Finance International, and we’re very excited to share the news!

The FinTech Awards by Wealth & Finance International aim to recognize and spotlight those with creative innovation, dedication and commitment to improving and transforming the FinTech industry in 2021.

What’s the big deal?

Let’s start by talking about how today, tech giants with their data-centric and human-centric solutions are entering the financial services industry. This leads to a seamless customer experience and allows players in the industry to better manage risk using deeper customer insights. 

To stay competitive and provide hyper-personalized experiences, financial companies need to up their game by either partnering with BigTech or FinTech companies, or build a solid digital strategy themselves. They must anticipate customers’ needs, deliver consistent “wow’ moments and create new monetization opportunities. That’s where we come in.

“The customer will be in the center. That’s a fact. Depending on who you are, banks will offer more than the traditional services to optimize the customer journey. Data integrity and security will be key to win and hold the trust of the customer.” says Toon Vanparys, CEO at Sentiance.

Boost customer engagement with contextual data

Today, knowing your customers is not only about knowing their age, job, and home address. To provide hyper-personalized offers, companies need to dig deeper and understand real-time contextual insights and the changing life stages of customers. 

Our contextualization platform can provide companies with lifestyle insights in a privacy-assuring way. Additionally, a self-learning decision engine can help optimize interactions with the customers, ensuring more relevant engagement that delivers real ROI.

customer insights

At Sentiance, we believe the right use of great technology can improve people’s lives, in fact that’s our mission. So we only work with clients with an ethical use case that truly benefits their customers. Today, our technology is already behind the world’s leading companies across industries to help them create personalized engagement, improve user experience and increase retention rate. 

Yes, our AI technology is solid, but we believe it’s how we take that technology and use it to make a positive impact on people’s lives is what won us the award. 

Now what?

You’re probably thinking, this is all great, but as a retail bank, how exactly can I leverage these lifestyle insights?

Well, below are just two examples of how these insights can benefit your end customers and your business: 

  • Provide the right offer to the right people at the right time: By understanding every customer’s unique moments, retail banks can send them personalized offers at the perfect time. This will improve customer experience and increase engagement rate of your banking app.
  • Go beyond banking and cater to their every need: Open banking is broadening the range of possibilities by connecting external services to create an entire ecosystem with increased functionality. Instead of switching between multiple apps (banking, shopping, mobility, social, etc.),  empower your customers to do everything in one app and with one account, making their lives so much easier.

It’s time to think beyond banking and invest in creating a truly engaging digital experience for your customers. 

We’d love to discuss how lifestyle insights can help you increase customer engagement and explore the future of banking with advanced AI technology. Let’s have a chat!

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