On-device Crash Detection

Smartphone-based car crash detection

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High accuracy

With proven high accuracy, our solution has been extensively tested in the field, giving you the confidence you need to act quickly.


On-device and real-time

We use on-device technology to detect car crashes in near real-time while ensuring users' data privacy. 


Scientifically validated

Our crash detection solution is scientifically developed and validated in a dedicated crash lab with our safety expert partner, Autoliv. 

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Flexible solution

Detect high-impact crashes.

Whether it's only on-device crash detection, or also detailed crash reports, we have a flexible solution for different use cases – from family safety apps, roadside assistance, to auto insurance, and more.

Immediate notifications. Driver risk assessments. On-device. Roadside assistance. Accelerate your claims process. 

Enhanced emergency response. Vehicle damage assessments. Improve customer experience. Towing services. Reduce fraud.


On-device & real-time


Proven recall


Crashes detected / year

Edge computing

On-device for immediacy.

On-device crash detection ensures the highest level of data privacy. With real-time crash detection, you can:

  • Notify emergency contacts like a friend or family member
  • Request emergency services or roadside assistance
  • Start the eFNOL process right away with pre-filled details

Crash reporting.

Investigate your crash claims with real-world data from Sentiance's crash reports. The crash forensics reports include:

  • Crash time and location
  • Driving events before, during, and after the crash
  • Weather and traffic conditions at the time of impact
  • And much more

Is a crash due to bad weather, road type, time of day, traffic congestion, or trip context? We can identify relevant risk factors to accelerate your claim processing. 

Sentiance crash detection and reporting

Sentiance is the leader in motion insights. Our mission is to save lives every day and shape the future of road safety. Unlike telematics companies, we focus on the driver and not the vehicle because most accidents are caused by human error.  

With our revolutionary on-device AI technology, companies use insights from The Edge Platform to produce scalable, cost-efficient, and privacy-centric solutions for their customers.


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