The best on-device technology

Turn motion data into actionable insights with telematics technology, advanced signal processing, machine learning, and AI.


The Sentiance Edge Platform

Mobility, insurance, and safety industries use insights from our platform to reduce the number of accidents, improve claims handling, increase customer engagement and acquisition, improve loss ratios, and implement individualized driver safety programs.


Private and secure

We adhere to the highest international standards.


Global scale

On-device data processing to scale faster and save more lives.


Proven results

Reduce risky driving behavior on 4- and 2-wheeler vehicles.


Modular design

Easy setup and implementation for increased speed-to-market.

We only collect data with user consent

No personal data leaves your users' phone, even location information.


Smartphone sensors

We use native features on the smartphone like location, gyroscope, or accelerometer.


Third-party data

We enrich the data with additional context, including weather and traffic conditions.


Global data collection

Our technology has been tested everywhere. Whether in the UAE, UK, or Thailand, it works.

On-device intelligence

Forget expensive IoT devices, we process data straight from the user's phone.

Ede computing technology for data privacy

A setting stone for scalability

On-device technology makes it easy for you to scale as your userbase grows

light bulb ideas and thought leadership in montion sensor data

Low battery and data usage

We have proven success in keeping minimal data usage and battery drain


Avoid and prevent data breaches

Raw data never leaves the phone and will never be collected without explicit consent

Behavior change technology

Contextual nudges and individualized digital coaching techniques that significantly improve user behavior and driver safety.


In-house expertise

We have our very own behavioral scientists, psychologists, and machine learning engineers.


Your use case

Our technology fits a wide range of use cases thanks to our engagement techniques.


Contextual insights

Smart recommendations to improve driver safety, contribute to sustainability and save lives.

Easy SDK integration

Available for Android, iOS, and React Native


Get in touch with us


Integrate our SDK into your app


Collect & process data

Sentiance AppKit

Ready-made and highly configurable mobile app

A custom-branded mobile app, pre-configured with the Sentiance SDK and integrated with our driving, mobility & lifestyle, and engagement platforms.


Don't have an app?

No problem! iOs or Android, we'll host your very own grey label mobile application.


Branded specifically for you

The AppKit comes ready with out-of-the-box capabilities like customizable labels and multiple language support.


Powered by our SDK

Equipped with a comprehensive set of fully functional features and workflows.

Let's save lives

World-leading companies trust us with our road safety vision.

Now, it's your turn.

Let's build a safer future together!

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Sentiance is the leader in motion insights. Our mission is to save lives every day and shape the future of road safety. Unlike telematics companies, we focus on the driver and not the vehicle because most accidents are caused by human error.  

With our revolutionary on-device AI technology, companies use insights from The Edge Platform to produce scalable, cost-efficient, and privacy-centric solutions for their customers.


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