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Unwrapping Sentiance's technology.

Turn motion data into actionable insights with telematics technology, advanced signal processing, machine learning and AI.

Sentiance technology explained, this is how we turn motion into insights

Built on trust

The Sentiance Platform.

We make mobile telematics work on a global scale, building on trust architecture and complying with the highest cybersecurity standards.


Private and secure

  • Compliant: GDPR and highest international standards
  • Certified with ISO 27001 and ISO 27701
  • Customers own all the data on a first-party basis

Highly scalable

  • Hybrid on-device and cloud data processing
  • Built-in auto-scaling
  • Reactive microservices

State-of-the-art results

  • Novel in-house deep learning models
  • Designed for accuracy and built for efficiency
  • Highest accuracy in the market (95%+)

Modular design

  • Simple SDK implementation
  • Highly configurable integration capabilities
  • Straightforward setup for increased speed-to-market

Data collection

We collect data with explicit user consent.

As reliable and secure as it gets. We make sure no personal data leaves your users' phone, including location information.


Smartphone sensors

We efficiently use smartphones' native features like location, gyroscope, or accelerometer, and then take them to the next level.


Third-party data

We tap on external sources to enrich the data with contextual information, including weather and traffic conditions.


Global data collection

Our technology has been tested all around the world. You could be in UAE, Thailand, US, or Spain. It works.

Edge computing

On-device intelligence.

We use neural networks to process data, straight from the source.

Ede computing technology for data privacy

A setting stone for scalability

On-device technology makes it easy for you to scale as your userbase grows

light bulb ideas and thought leadership in montion sensor data

Low battery and data usage

While constantly optimizing our technology, we have proven success in keeping minimal data usage and battery drain


Avoid and prevent data breaches

Raw data never leaves the phone. Moreover, data will never be collected without explicit consent

Behavior change

The digital equivalent of real-world coaching.

Smart, hyper-personalized and contextual nudges that significantly improve user behavior


In-house expertise

Behavioral scientists, psychologists, machine learning engineers... They are all ready to help you reconnect with your users.


Tailored to your use case

Our technology fits a wide range of use cases by applying advanced engagement techniques: leaderboards, challenges, badges, etc.


Driven by contextual insights

Smart recommendations to improve driver safety, promote a healthier lifestyle, contribute to sustainability...

Easy SDK implementation

Boost your business with our SDK.

Integrate the Sentiance SDK in your app - available for Android, iOS, and React Native


Get in touch

Say the word and we will create an account for you and your company


SDK integration

Use your unique credentials to initialize our SDK in your app


Collect & process data

Magic happens as we start turning motion into insights


The result.

We provide you with game-changing, snackable insights to help you make the most out of them.

Let's talk.

World-leading companies trust us with our vision to make a real impact.

Now, it's your turn.

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Sentiance is an intelligence-driven data science and behavior change company. We turn motion into insights.

We help world-leading companies create sustainable, personalized, and safer solutions while improving customer experience.

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