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Sentiance is the most complete provider of motion insights.

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Our technology is built for companies to create impact.

Using motion insights, Sentiance's mission is to help companies revolutionize their user experience and build sustainable, personalized, and safer solutions. In other words, create impact.

The intelligence-driven Sentiance platform turns mobile sensor data into actionable insights about the user's behavior and lifestyle. We then help companies personalize and engage with their users, as well as positively change behavior.

The Sentiance technology and products are meant for today’s human-centric economy where the user is in control of their data.

Ethical AI and privacy

Privacy is everywhere, trust is fundamental.

Sentiance_your privacy our priority

We solved a major concern for companies and their app users; providing hyper-personalized experiences while ensuring privacy. Thanks to edge computing, we are moving towards making sure raw data never leaves the user’s phone and is processed directly on it. Also, respecting privacy by design, we only use data that will contribute to building insights, nothing more. 

We're ISO certified and fully GDPR compliant, having global experience working with different data regulations in different regions. By implementing ISO 27001 & ISO 27701 security and privacy standards, the Sentiance platform, and its development pipeline go through a strict and wide range of technical and organizational security measures.


You own all the data.

We don't keep your data_Sentiance is ISO certified and GDPR compliant

We don’t keep your data.

We don't sell your data_Sentiance is ISO certified and GDPR compliant

We don’t sell your data.

ISO 27701 Certified


ISO 27001 Certified


GDPR Compliant

Sentiance care about sustainability

Corporate social responsibility

We care about sustainability.

Our greatest ambition is to use the Sentiance platform and technology to build a better society and a sustainable world. We actively achieve this by contributing to three of the United Nation’s SDGs for a better future.


How we contribute in our own little way.


Coach drivers

Coach app users for safer driving, and therefore make roads safer for all.


Protect lives

Reduce deaths and injuries from road accidents with Crash Detection.


Connect people and things

Connect people, things and data and provide access to safe and sustainable transport systems for all.


Reduce car usage

Promote eco-friendly transportations and reduce car usage.


Enhance lifestyles

Enhance personalized recommendations and monitor sustainable development impact for a sustainable lifestyle.

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Sentiance is an intelligence-driven data science and behavior change company. We turn motion into insights.

We help world-leading companies create sustainable, personalized, and safer solutions while improving customer experience.

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