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What we can do for you

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Get contextual insights and understand your customers.

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Anticipate your clients’ moves to engage effectively with them.

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Apply the right techniques to empower behavior change.

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Create meaningful experiences thanks to hyper-personalization.


Mobility Intelligence

Unearth rich insights to empower your mobility strategies, far beyond mileage data or trip scores.

Auto Insurance

Crash Detection

Crash reconstructions. Real-time context detection. An incredibly fast insurance claim processing. Save lives and boost insurance clients’ user experience!


Driver Coaching

Influence behavior change by reducing phone usage and making roads safer for everyone.


Healthier lifestyles

Empower your wellbeing solutions.

Get to know your users, encourage healthier habits and create a positive impact.


Consumer profiling

Transform your customer experience through hyper-personalization.

Case study

Reducing Distracted Driving with Behavioral Coaching

Sadly, over 150 people were killed on Western Australian (WA) roads in 2020 and distracted driving was a factor in ~13% of those crashes. RAC (Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia)  partnered with Sentiance to end mobile phone-related distracted driving by creating the Safer Driver App.


  • 60% drop in distracted behavior
  • 75% of app users engaged with focused-driving challenges
  • 34% of the time users engaged with the app after completing a car trip
  • 60% of users continued engaging with the app after the evaluation period

We’ve enjoyed a partnership with Sentiance for years. During this time we’ve seen Sentiance as a business partner and sparring partner. They’re no-nonsense and focused on the future. With their intelligence-driven, data-minded behavioral insights, Sentiance offers essential value to our Usage Based Insurance (UBI).

Tony Dingemanse, Director Ventures at RISK

What Sentiance provides is really unique in the market. We had a very good experience working through the integration with the Sentiance team, and consider them a partner, not a vendor. Now that we live with them, we are excited to build on the user insights to create an even better product for our customers.

Jan-Philipp Kruip

We use Sentiance technology to encourage people to travel in a sustainable way and save the planet. We help companies to measure and reduce employees’ mobility CO2 footprint. By encouraging green behavior and cutting corporate emissions, we contribute to a sustainable future together.

Ahsan Shamim, CEO / Co-Founder of Siara

Privacy matters the most,
we are a safe and secure data processor.

Privacy is more than a priority for us. It is an asset that our business is built on. We only use data that matters, and it only belongs to you.


Try our Journeys Demo App and experience the power of the Sentiance SDK.

Blog posts

The world is evolving daily. In our blog, we will keep you up to date on topics like Mobility, Wellbeing, Insurance, Fintech, and more. Learn how to add value to you and your business – from a technical and practical perspective!







Let’s build something amazing together.

Get the ultimate insights into your users’ behavior. Create personalized adaptive products and services and drive behavior change.

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