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Usage-based Insurance (UBI): Pay-How-You-Drive

Understand users’ driving behavior and lifestyle for customer-centric auto insurance.

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ABSA is one of South Africa’s big four financial service providers. ABSA looked to launch a new breed of UBI auto insurance that leveraged the benefits of both mobile and a fixed in-car IoT device. To deliver a project that combined data streams from both mobile and a fixed IMU, ABSA needed a technology partner who could develop a bespoke solution. Following an extensive evaluation of the market, ABSA selected Sentiance.

The solution
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Driving Behavior Analysis

Detailed insights of user's driving events (brakes, turns, accelerations, etc).
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Lifestyle Profiling

Understand each user's real-time events, lifestyle, habits and preferences.
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Trip Context Detection

Understand the purpose of a trip (commute to work, leisure trip, or other trip context.)
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Distracted Driving Detection

Detect phone handling while driving to see if drivers are distracted.
Results & impact
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Safer drivers & safer trips

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Advanced risk profiling

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Innovative insurance offerings

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