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Mobility Insights for Sustainability

Track, measure and reduce the mobility CO2 footprint of your business.

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The goal of Siara is to change travel habits of employees, encourage their green behavior and cut corporate emissions. Siara’s intelligent solution enables company and employees to learn more about the carbon emissions and carbon footprint from daily travel activities.

The solution
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Transport Mode Detection

Detect what modes of transportation (walking, biking, car, train, bus, etc.) users are taking.
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Driving Behavior Analysis

Analyze driving behavior to calculate CO2 foot print of each user.
Results & impact
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Reduce CO2 Footprint

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Healthier Employees

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Sustainable Mobility Behavior

We use Sentiance technology to encourage people to travel in a sustainable way and save the planet. We help companies to measure and reduce employees’ mobility CO2 footprint. By encouraging green behavior and cutting corporate emissions, we contribute to a sustainable future together.

- Ahsan Shamim, CEO / Co-Founder of Siara

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