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Reducing Distracted Driving with Behavioral Coaching

Creating awareness of each participant’s distracted driving behavior and motivating them to become safer drivers.

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Sadly, over 150 people were killed on Western Australian (WA) roads in 2020 and distracted driving was a factor in ~13% of those crashes. RAC (Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia)  partnered with Sentiance to end mobile phone-related distracted driving by creating the Safer Driver App.

Read this blog post to learn how we did it 👇🏼

Sentiance and RAC
Sentiance and RAC reduce distracted driving by nearly 60%
The solution
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Driving Behavior Insights

Analyzing and providing details on people's driving behavior.
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Distracted Driving Detection

Monitoring phone usage and phone handling while driving.
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Coaching towards safer driving behavior.
Results & impact
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60% drop in distracted behavior

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75% of users engaged with focused-driving challenges

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34% of the time users engaged with the app after completing a car trip

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60% of users continued engaging with the app after the evaluation period

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