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“RAC has partnered with Sentiance to create the RAC Go app, designed to help Western Australians become better drivers, The app allows users to measure their driving so they can improve and drive more safely. We'd like our roads to be safer for everyone, and the app contributes to this. RAC Go provides insights into driver behaviour and habits, as well as coaching and tips to help users improve their driving. The app is intuitive and easy to use because it's well designed. And it's a fun and engaging tool. Right from the start, we felt we'd found the right partner for this project. Sentiance was attentive to our needs, listening to us every step of the way. Their staff understood the brief and were committed to delivering a quality product.”

Shenaede Jenkins

Business Model Innovation Analyst at RAC WA


“At Marshmallow, we're making car insurance more affordable for everyone. That involves creating affordable products that deliver a great customer experience. Thanks to Sentiance and their Driving Insights, we've been able to launch Marshmallow Miles to customers aged 21-35. Their rich insights on our customers' driving behaviour mean we can reward safe driving by offering discounts on renewal prices. It also gives our customers a truly personalised experience, increasing their engagement with our product. Sentiance's technology is a key contributor to the success of our UBI program.”

Oliver Kent-Braham

Co-Founder & Co-CEO at Marshmallow


“At Nippon Koei, partnering with Sentiance has been revolutionary in offering comprehensive and localized analytics for smart and sustainable cities through our platform, GauDT. With Sentiance’s technology powering our solutions, we’ve gained valuable Mobility & Lifestyle Insights that optimize our clients’ offerings and positively impact urban planning and management. We highly recommend Sentiance for advanced analytics and shaping the future of mobility and urban development."

Kunihiro Uzawa

General Manager at Nippon Koei, Singapore Branch


“What Sentiance provides is really unique in the market. We had a very good experience working through the integration with the Sentiance team, and consider them a partner, not a vendor. Now that we live with them, we are excited to build on the user insights to create an even better product for our customers.”

Jan-Philipp Kruip

Co-founder at Cover-More


“The reason why we started working with Sentiance is because we needed reliable granular contextual data about how people are moving, how people are behaving, what kind of lifestyle they are pursuing, so we can essentially, reward and incentivize users who are living safely or driving safely, and we use it as an acquisitive and a renewal tool to expand our user base.”

Balazs Horvath

Chief of Staff at Beema Insurance


“We use Sentiance technology to encourage people to travel in a sustainable way and save the planet. We help companies to measure and reduce employees’ mobility CO2 footprint. By encouraging green behavior and cutting corporate emissions, we contribute to a sustainable future together.”

Ahsan Shamim

Co-Founder at Siara


“We’ve enjoyed a partnership with Sentiance for years. During this time, we’ve seen Sentiance as a business partner and sparring partner. They’re no-nonsense and focused on the future. Sentiance offers essential value to our Usage Based Insurance (UBI) with its intelligence-driven, data-minded behavioral insights.”

Tony Dingemanse

Director Ventures at RISK


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Sentiance is the leader in motion insights. Our mission is to save lives every day and shape the future of road safety. Unlike telematics companies, we focus on the driver and not the vehicle because most accidents are caused by human error.  

With our revolutionary on-device AI technology, companies use insights from The Edge Platform to produce scalable, cost-efficient, and privacy-centric solutions for their customers.


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