What context means to health care and wellbeing coaching

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Health data and vital signs are being digitized at a rapid pace. Fitness wearables and medical IOT devices increasingly enable simple and automated logging of body state and vital signs. With every medical consultation or intervention, patient records are being digitally recorded and stored for simplifying retrieval and integration. Yet, when it comes to understanding wellbeing and preventing health threatening behavioral patterns, we often lack the necessary insights.

Today’s health care services typically rely on sporadic interaction between care providers and receivers. With the advent of health IOT and wearables, we now benefit from much more continuous logging of wellbeing data, greatly enhancing insights into real-time and dynamic health and vital signs. This allows for better monitoring of our state of health and more timely interventions, compared to sporadic medical check-ups or doctor consultations. But unless we add insights into behavioral patterns and real-time context, the data will only hint at what’s possibly wrong but not what’s causing it.

Personal and contextual care

Little is known about what happens in real life, how lifestyle and daily context impacts vital signs, how quality of life is impacted by disease and medical conditions and to what degree therapeutic and care recommendations are actually adhered to. The ability to put health data and care into context of daily life will add key insights to get to much richer and personalized interpretation of wellbeing and vital signs. As such, sensor derived activity and health data can help you align health care services and well-being coaching with real-life health and activity patterns, including detection of sudden or gradual changes in those patterns, allowing providers to personalize and contextualize their support and assistance depending on the observed habits and activities of an individual.

Contextualizing health data and vital signs

The Sentiance platform allows continuous monitoring of health-relevant behavior in real time, enabling smart interventions and personalized coaching. We provide insights into behavioral profiles related to work/life balance, physical and social activity, and other elements of daily life. And we contextualize data from physical activity trackers and other health-related IOT devices by linking vital signs to daily lifestyle and real-time context.

By adding lifestyle and behavioral insights to health profiling and monitoring, we can greatly enhance the personal relevance and impact of wellbeing coaching and care adherence. Through continuous, real-time and dynamic monitoring we can reward or discourage specific behavior or routines, and leverage context-based triggers to stimulate behavioral change or intervene when behavior is deteriorating in real-time.

Health behavior profiling and scoring

By sourcing vital signs and health data from wearables and other health devices, and by overlaying these with daily and real-time behavioral activities we contextualize health data and patterns. We aggregate behavioral data into weighted health scores such as physical activity, mobility, social activity, and work/life balance. This helps health providers monitor behavioral trends over time and anomalies in real-time.

Well-being coaching

By adding observed real-time and real-world behavioral evidence to declared and collected health data, wellness and health providers can personalize and contextualize coaching (what/where/when) based on lifestyle and context (real-time or predicted). They can reward or discourage behavior by continuous, real-time and dynamic monitoring of activities and trends. Well-being coaching can be leveraged by context-based triggers that stimulate behavioral change or intervene when behavior is deteriorating or signaling health concerns.

Care adherence engagement

 Right-time notifications based on real-time location and context are extremely important for optimal care adherence engagement. Having insights into predicted activity context and treatment routines allows the caregiver to personalize patient engagement and monitor the impact of adherence (or non-adherence) on the quality of life.

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