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Our machine learning technology empowers companies to build the next generation of products and services that will make people’s lives safer, smarter, healthier and ultimately more convenient and fulfilling. This is our ultimate motivation we have in mind when developing the most advanced contextual intelligence. Therefore, on our delivery side, we listen to our clients very carefully. Our technology is optimized for their needs while we ensure the highest quality and reusability of our platform to serve many different use cases.


Our solutions across all the verticals are driven directly by the clients’ requirements. These requirements are translated into technical engineering roadmaps, or specific plans for the development teams.

As we grow our business, we must ensure that we are delivering innovative and optimized solutions for our clients. For that reason, we work in flexible matrix-like squad structure. These development teams are organized into multidisciplinary squads, combining different functions and capabilities. This enables them to work autonomously and be agile, so we can adjust our roadmap in rapidly changing conditions. Another benefit of our interdisciplinary squads-like structure is boosting efficiency and innovation. These squads are coordinated and managed by the VP Delivery.

At Sentiance, Koen SIMOENS - the VP Delivery & Data Security, is focusing on operational delivery. He is responsible for organizing the technical delivery and strategy, having the security and protection of data in mind.

Before joining Sentiance, Koen was an information security architect in the Information Technology industry. Koen has a background in research on cryptography and information security, with a focus on data protection and privacy-enhanced identity management.

We grabbed him for few moments to have a chat.


Major collaborations with global leading companies are upcoming in the mobility and lifestyle area. We are scaling up at a high rate. Currently, we are processing several hundred thousand of users and preparing for millions of users. Using our creativity every day is a must for our team, as each client has its own use cases and needs which requires us to think and optimize every case differently, while ensuring quality. Moreover, we need to focus on reusability of our technology so that we can work with a common platform that can be applied to a wide range of use cases.

I’m also in charge of data security - a challenge on its own. Currently, we are focusing on the upcoming GDPR, which comes with some specific requirements. As we scale up, we work on improving our privacy and security posture. Not because we have to or for compliance reasons, but because it is the right thing to do. In addition to technical and organizational measures, we focus on building a culture of awareness and responsibility, internally with our employees and externally with our clients.


These are exciting times! Today, we finally have the technical capabilities to enable an advanced contextual intelligence and to process vast amounts of data, which wasn’t the case 10 years ago. Another major reason why I joined Sentiance was the opportunity to be surrounded by exceptional minds and having the chance to solve great challenges with really smart people.


What free time? I enjoy spending time with my family the most. I am a resto-lover so I love to dine out and if I have a few hours I try to read a book.

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