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Chameleons are magical little creatures. Not only do they change color, they do so very purposefully to adapt to their immediate environment.  Like this one, who is especially ambitious.

You have to admire his determination to adopt the colors of the branch he’s sitting on.

Now let’s turn things upside down for this little fellow and imagine a world where he doesn’t adapt to the branch but the branch adapts to him.

That’s really the promise of the Internet of Things.  Everything we’re surrounded by or interact with will adapt to us.  The objects will learn from us and blend into our lives seamlessly.  All friction between people and their immediate environment will disappear and the Internet of Things will become the Internet of You.  You will be at the core, not the Things.

That sounds like a wonderful world.  Unfortunately, it’s not the world we live in today.  If you have ever tried to program a smart home you know it is a full-time job that requires an engineering degree.

At Sentiance we want to change this.  We believe that technology should put people at the center. And we believe the answer is in the data.  Not just any data.  The data from sensors embedded in IoT devices.  These sensors provide us with a constant stream of data about how people behave and why they behave the way they do.

We have made it our mission to make sense of this data so our clients can adapt to their customers’ daily lives seamlessly, like chameleons.  Not only can this make their lives safer, smarter, healthier and ultimately more convenient and fulfilling, it will empower companies everywhere to build the next generation of products and services that will make the Internet of You a reality.

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