Introducing Christoph Liekens, Senior Software Engineer at Sentiance

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Christoph has 25 year of experience in the IT industry with an emphasis on software development. He worked as a research assistant at Catholic University Leuven and in software development for healthcare, speech recognition and intellectual property research. Before joining us at Sentiance, Christoph was a top notch application architect in a world-leading trademark research business.  

Christoph lives conveniently close to the Sentiance offices in Antwerp, with his partner and their 2 kids. And he is most definitely still top notch.

christoph_bw_webWhat made you trade a senior position at a large business for Sentiance?

Plenty of good reasons, but the most important one was that  I wanted  a new challenge. After working as a software architect for a number of years, it was time for a change. I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and try something new.

Sentiance provides that opportunity and -  naturally - I’m very excited to participate in the Sentiance team and project.

What kind of experience do you bring to Sentiance?

I have always been focused on software development at all different levels. This includes the coding, but also design and architecture; both logical and physical.

I have worked with all sorts of teams, from small agile teams in one location to large corporate developments teams geographically distributed over the world. For the last 15 years I have also given technical leadership to such teams.

In our team, what will your focus be?

 To start off with, I will  assist in creating a great product with unparalleled functionality. My experience as an architect will help us build a solid  underlying platform we will need for the future.

 You have gotten a few weeks already to get to know the Sentiance Context Suite. Where do you think our biggest technical challenges lie?

We need to keep a constant focus on quality of features and operational excellence. Quality of features means that we make things our users like (and preferably cannot live without afterwards). Operational excellence means that we build a platform which is reliable and can grow with us.

Any advice for the younger developers on the Sentiance team?

Never be afraid to try some new technology and experiment. Just not in the production environment.

What’s your life like outside of Sentiance?

Since I have 2 young kids, I like to spend some time with them in the early evening, like helping them with their homework and cooking them diner. I’m also taking guitar lessons, so I practice regularly. I’m learning to play Blues right now.

Christoph joined our team April 1st, and has already shown his worth. We are glad to have him on board. To further strengthen our development team, and to help us make the Sentiance SDK the best mobile sensing SDK out there, we are looking to hire an iOS engineer. If you focus on hardcore low level embedded programming for iOS, find out more on our jobs page.

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