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Shaping the Internet of You from Silicon Valley

Last month, Sentiance was thrilled to be selected to two notable Plug and Play programs: Insurtech and Internet of Things. Plug and Play a global innovation platform that connects startups with global corporations, researched over 8,500 startups from around the world and selected only 2% into their nine programs.

Having been selected to two of these programs, Sentiance now has direct access to senior leaders and C-suite executives at prominent brands that are investing significant amounts of time and capital to improve how their companies do business, everything from customer analytics and insights to customer engagement, to IoT product development. These corporations are looking to these startups to support them as they innovate.

“The platform that Plug and Play have created is pretty incredible. For a startup like Sentiance it’s important that we’re getting access to these great companies, but more important is that we’re working closely with the people at these companies that can actually make things happen.”

- Peter DeLuca, Head of Client Services at Sentiance

Through one-on-one meetings, or “deal flow sessions”, Sentiance is able to work closely with these brands to understand their unique challenges and together design solutions that will be implemented as pilots with the opportunity for rollout.
Not only does Plug and Play provide access to these great brands, they also provide free office space at their headquarters, which is important for member startups that may not have offices in Silicon Valley (yet!). In addition, Plug and Play provide group mentor sessions, access to industry experts and advisors, monthly events and meet-ups and opportunities for funding.

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