Parcify has set the benchmark for personalized deliveries, together with Sentiance

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Parcify is a mobile delivery app and platform which offers convenience based shipping of packages within cities. Parcify has been founded with one main goal, to create peace of mind in the online shopping experience by delivering parcels wherever you are, whenever you want.

Online shopping has never been easier than today. Mobile has shifted the consumer mind to expect instant gratification. Each time a consumer picks up her phone and shops online, she expects to get everything she wants instantly.

We can shop wherever we are at any time of the day. However, not necessarily so when it comes to receiving the package we ordered. Over 15% of all parcel deliveries within cities are missed. This creates unnecessary friction in what is supposed to be a seamless and convenient shopping experience and adds additional costs to the delivery service.

What if we could optimize and align the delivery service to fit with the personal and real-time context of the receiver? Having the package delivered to you, wherever you are, at the most convenient time. This is where Sentiance technology steps in.

By integrating the Sentiance Context SDK within their mobile app, Parcify is able to map delivery options to a customer’s real-time or predicted context (whereabouts and activities) and plan the actual delivery to coincide with the optimal moment, wherever the user is: at home, at work, or on the go.

Based on pattern recognition and predictive modeling, the Sentiance contextual intelligence platform turns smartphone sensor data into rich behavioral insights, generating insights into real-world context and triggering relevant real-time moments. The Sentiance platform allows delivery companies to get rich behavioral insights into receiver’s lifestyle by analyzing daily activity patterns and routines through smartphone sensors.  Leveraging real-time and predicted activity detection, parcel companies can interact with the receiver at the right time and location. They are able to align the delivery to the receiver’s situational context and their behavioral profile.

The ability to engage the receiver in the now and proactively serve her with the right services and recommendations, is the true power of delivery context-aware delivery service.  And as such, we can transform the delivery into a much more personalized, convenient and rewarding experience.

"What is really great about the partnership with Sentiance is that we go one step forward. We always go the extra mile to optimize a first-class customer journey and delivery! The collaboration between Parcify & Sentiance has an immense positive impact on the customer journey.  We create a knowledge about the receiver in order to personalize their delivery experience."  – Patrick, CEO of Parcify

The results that we see and customers’ feedback is wonderful. The contextual delivery creates peace of mind: people are thrilled that they don’t need to fill in the address manually, they don’t need to specify a delivery time, we do all of this for them automatically based on the data we collect.

Want to know more about our contextual intelligence platform and how it can fuel your customer’s journey? Reach out to us.

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