Our next generation Mobility Profiler is here!

Go beyond motion activities from Android/iOS platforms

Multi-modal detection

Identify multiple mobility modes including public transits

Privacy by design

Keep it on-device and guarantee data protection

Cost efficient

Scale to millions of users with our usage-based pricing

Richer outputs

  • Automatically detect 2x more mobility modes including train, tram and bus
  • Record distance and duration of trips
  • Retrieve geo-contextual data like trip routes, Points of Interest (Pols), and home and work locations

On-device intelligence

  • No personal data leaves your phone including your location information
  • Get notified in real time and when trips are completed
  • Low impact on your phone battery and mobile data

Reimagine your products

  • Empower users with fast, efficient and green transport recommendations
  • Extend pay as you drive (PAYD) insurance offerings to cover non-car transportation
  • Promote healthy lifestyles by tracking physical activities

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