Sentiance and PingJia Technology conclude partnership to develop a leading driver behavior platform in China

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[vc_row][vc_column 0=""][vc_column_text]ANTWERP, Belgium and SHANGHAI, China (December 21, 2017) - Sentiance signed a strategic partnership with Shanghai PingJia Technology, an automotive and user-based big data service provider, to jointly leverage AI behavioral analytics to contextualize the customer driving journey, customized to China requirements and optimized for omni-channel experiences.

Complementary strengths

As a pioneer in UBI (User-Based Insurance) in China and a provider of driver behavioral analytics data, PingJia is currently one of the fastest growing companies in the industry. By leveraging Pingjia’s extensive experience in collecting and analyzing automotive and driving data, both companies will collaborate to customize and enrich Sentiance driving and lifestyle behavioral platform to support the specific requirements of the China market. Being vertically integrated within the local automotive and insurance industries, Pingjia will be a key go-to-market partner for Sentiance UBI (User-Based Insurance) and Connected Car solutions in China.

The joint platform will be released by Q2 2018 and will provide Chinese Insurance and Automotive companies with rich and detailed insights into their customers’ driving behavior and mobility profiles, enabling them to offer more personalized and increasingly contextual experiences.

Toon Vanparys, CEO of Sentiance, commented: ‘We are very happy to announce this partnership with PingJia Technology. We look forward to working with PingJia Technology to address the Chinese market opportunities. Combining both companies’ expertise in technologies such as sensor, IoV (Internet of Vehicle), AI learning and together with our respective industry standings, we will definitely provide our clients with the best of class applications in the Insurtech and mobility industry.’

Mr. Jack Li Xiankun, PingJia Technology founder and President commented: ‘This Sino-European partnership in the leading field of AI and big data is unprecedented in approach to optimize and complement each company’s strength. Partnering with Sentiance has upmost importance for PingJia Technology, I hope both companies will seize this opportunity to deepen our technical capability, to explore with patience and win over the China market over time, building a long-term sustainable, win-win partnership.’

About Sentiance

Sentiance’s AI platform turns IOT and smartphone sensor data into rich insights about people’s behavior and real-time context. These insights help companies engage with their customers and users in a hyper-personalized way. Sentiance’s technology is used in insurance, health, mobility, smart home, connected car, and commerce applications.

The explosive growth in mobile internet and mobile phone-based sensors allowed Sentiance to secure an additional €8 million in funding led by Volta Ventures, with co-investor KPN Ventures in 2017. The investment will be used to execute on Sentiance’s vision to gain leadership, strengthen its intelligence platform and accelerate the growth globally.
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About PingJia

PingJia Technology has deep China OEM automaker resources, and vertically integrated within the automotive and insurance industries. With expertise accumulated over many years of data fusion, delivery, scrubbing, and analysis from various vehicle data management platforms. PingJia Technology has developed an open data platform for incident and transport mode detection based on vehicle telemetry, GPS location data, machine and deep learning algorithms. PingJia Technology is leading the insurance industry effort in CIITC as co-leader to define industry practice and standards.

By providing the best technology and sustainable business model for the automative, insurance and data analytics industries, PingJia Technology has secured over 10Million RMB in series A and A+ funding from leading China government and commercial venture funds. PingJia Technology is the first to launch “full-time data” and “customer journey” concepts to provide online and offline user data analytics.


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