RAC and Sentiance Launch the Safe Driver App Trial in Western Australia

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The Safer Driver app uses behavioural science to change driving habits and reduce phone use behind the wheel.


Seven in ten Western Australians consider mobile phone related distraction to be a leading contributor to deaths and serious injuries on WA roads. In fact, drivers are four times more likely to have a crash that sends them to a hospital if they use their phone while driving.

Tragically, WA continues to have one of Australia’s worst road safety records, and according to an RAC survey launched in 2018, four in five admit to using their mobile phone while in control of a vehicle at least sometimes. Inattention can have devastating consequences - just a two-second glance away from the road (at 60km/h) and a driver is effectively driving blind for 33 metres!


The mission of Safer Driver is to end mobile phone related distracted driving. RAC and Sentiance have partnered to bring Safer Driver to RAC members and the broader WA community, and together we are using evidence-based research to find the best way to help drivers stay focused behind the wheel, and keep everyone safe on WA roads.

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The Safer Driver mobile app uses the latest technology to provide feedback on your phone distraction while driving. Based on this information, app users are given driving challenges, facts and tips to reduce distraction behind the wheel.

Using the app is simple: Drivers just download the app from one of the app stores, and keep using the app for at least 30 days. Through the experience, they interact with different challenges, read advice, and monitor and adapt their own driving behaviour.

The goal is to be able to provide users with the ability to proactively understand and reduce the risk of mobile phone distraction while behind the wheel. Our ultimate goal is to reduce the number of people killed and seriously injured on WA roads.

About RAC WA

RAC WA is a purpose-led member organisation that has been a part of the West Australian community since 1905. From its origins as a motoring club and advocate, RAC has grown to offer a diverse range of products and services, and reinvests its profits to benefit its more than 1.1 million members and the broader WA community.  RAC’s purpose is to be the driving force for a better WA and it works towards a vision for 2030 of a safer, sustainable and connected future for Western Australians.

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Sentiance is an intelligence-driven data science and behavior change company. We turn motion data into contextual insights and use behavioral change techniques to personalize engagement for safer and sustainable mobility and wellbeing experiences.

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