Usage-based Insurance (UBI): Pay-how-you-drive.

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Absa and Sentiance success story with UBI and driving insights


ABSA is one of South Africa’s big four financial service providers. ABSA looked to launch a new kind of UBI auto insurance that leveraged the benefits of both mobile and a fixed in-car IoT device. To deliver a project that combined data streams from both mobile and a fixed IMU, ABSA needed a technology partner who could develop a bespoke solution. Following an extensive evaluation of the market, ABSA selected Sentiance.



Together, we implemented Driving Behavior Analysis for detailed insights into users' driving events such as brakes, turns, accelerations, and more. We also used Lifestyle Profiling to understand each user's real-time events, lifestyle, habits, and preferences. Trip Context Detection was then used to understand the purpose of a trip (commute to work, leisure trip, or another trip context), as well as Distracted Driving Detection to detect phone handling while driving.



This collaboration resulted in overall safer drivers and passengers, advanced risk profiling, and an innovative insurance offering for a better customer experience.


Safer drivers and trips


Advanced risk profiling


Innovative insurance offerings

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