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Cuvva provides flexible auto insurance that people can choose to "always be on" or cover for just an hour. They are UK’s first insurer offering hourly insurance & insurance via an app. They have over 3.5 million policies sold and over half a million customers. To offer the best solution, they needed to work with a reliable technology partner like Sentiance.



To provide the best possible policies for every customer, Cuvva needed visibility into different types of insights, including how a driver generally drives, gathering real-time alerts whenever there is a crash (Crash Detection), monitoring types of transportation, phone usage while driving, and general routines and behaviors that make a cohesive profile of someone's driving. Sentiance's Mobility Insights and Driving Insights helped them paint the whole picture.



This collaboration resulted in Cuvva providing disruptive insurance offerings, a hyper-personalized user experience, handling claims management faster, and overall having safer drivers and roads.


Safer drivers and passengers


Enhanced user personalization


Disruptive insurance offerings


Faster claims management

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