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Sentiance and RAC reduce distracted driving by nearly 60%

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Sadly, over 150 people were killed on Western Australian (WA) roads in 2020 and distracted driving was a factor in ~13% of those crashes. RAC (Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia) partnered with Sentiance to end mobile phone-related distracted driving by creating the Safer Driver App.



We integrated Driving Insights to help analyze and provide details on people's driving behavior. Monitoring phone usage and phone handling while driving helped with distracted driving detection and coaching toward safer driving behavior.



Overall reduction of distracted behavior rates, general acceptance and continued use by clients of the app by customers after the evaluation period.


Drop in distracted behavior


Of users had frequent interaction with the app


Continued engaging with the app after the evaluation period

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Sentiance is the leader in motion insights. Our mission is to save lives every day and shape the future of road safety. Unlike telematics companies, we focus on the driver and not the vehicle because most accidents are caused by human error.  

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