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RISK is an Insurtech service provider and MGA for brokers, insurers, and affinities. RISK developed InsureApp, in order to automatically adapt to users’ needs and offer personalized insurance, RISK needed a technology partner to provide users’ driving behavior insights. The user receives instant service and instant insurance directly in the app.



Together, we implemented Driving Behavior Analysis to monitor key driving events including speeding, hard brakes and turning, rapid acceleration, and phone usage. We also used Multimodal Mobility Profiling to understand users’ mobility profiles with multiple types of transportation modes, and finally Trip Context Detection to understand the purpose of a trip.



Enhanced personalization for users, and advanced risk management for better assessments that result in better, more innovative insurance offerings.

Risk-Success-Story-Sentiance - Usage-based insurance UBI

Enhanced personalization


Advanced risk management


Innovative insurance offerings

"We have had a partnership with Sentiance already for years. In those years, we've seen Sentiance as a business and sparring partner, no-nonsense and focusing on the future. With their intelligence-driven, data-minded, and behavioral insights Sentiance is an essential value for the area of UBI."

Tony Dingemanse

Director Ventures, RISK

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