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The goal of Siara is to change travel habits of employees, encourage their green behavior and cut corporate emissions. Siara’s intelligent solution enables company and employees to learn more about the carbon emissions and carbon footprint from daily travel activities.



To provide the best possible diagnostics for every customer, Siara needs to know the modes of transportation used by users. We support them with Transport Mode Detection (walking, biking, car, train, bus, etc.), as well as analyze driving behavior via Driving Insights to calculate the CO2 footprint of each user.



This collaboration resulted in users choosing sustainable mobility alternatives, therefore being healthier and reducing their CO2 footprint.


Reduced CO2 Footprint


Healthier employees

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Sustainable mobility behavior

"We use Sentiance technology to encourage people to travel in a sustainable way and save the planet. We help companies to measure and reduce employees’ mobility CO2 footprint. By encouraging green behavior and cutting corporate emissions, we contribute to a sustainable future together."

Ahsan Shamim

CEO / Co-Founder of Siara

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