Revolutionizing motorcycle safety with cutting-edge Crash Detection

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Leading the charge in motorcycle safety

We are thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking leap in vehicle safety: our pioneering Crash Detection technology is now available for motorcycles! At the forefront of extending privacy-first, mobile Crash Detection capabilities to motorcycles, we're setting a new industry standard. Our state-of-the-art approach harnesses the latest in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to enhance road safety like never before.

AI and ML at the forefront

Our advanced Crash Detection system is powered by proprietary AI and ML models combined with sophisticated signal processing. Utilizing smartphone sensors and GPS data, our bespoke algorithms are tailored specifically for the unique dynamics and profiles of motorcycles. By continuously analyzing real-time motion data on-device, our technology offers a privacy-preserving experience on par with the privacy innovations of market-leading mobile operating systems.

Trained on hundreds of real-life crashes, our system boasts a high recall rate of 90%, accurately distinguishing between normal maneuvers and genuine crash events. With extensive datasets of motorcycle riding and crash scenarios, our models are incredibly reliable and sensitive to the needs of riders.

Market pioneers

Sentiance is uniquely positioned as the sole provider of such advanced technology for motorcycles. This places us at the forefront of rider safety and Driving Insights. Our comprehensive suite includes trip details, driving events, scores, profiling, and robust Crash Detection, addressing a critical gap in the market.

While many focus on car safety, motorcycles—vital for transport in many regions and the backbone of the food delivery industry—remain underserved. Our technology not only fills this gap but contributes to transforming rider safety globally.

Expanding safety to the Global South

Our technology has a profound impact, especially in regions like APAC and India, home to 58% of the world's motorcycles. In these areas, motorcycles are essential for commuting and delivery services, yet road safety measures lag due to cost constraints and lack of suitable technology.

Sentiance is changing this narrative with scalable, affordable on-device technology. By making Crash Detection accessible, we're democratizing road safety where it's needed the most. Our approach not only saves lives but also supports economic stability by protecting the workforce in motorcycle-based activities.

A future with fewer road fatalities

Implementing our mobile Crash Detection technology in motorcycles can significantly reduce accident response times. Automatic crash alerts enable quicker emergency responses, potentially reducing injury severity and saving lives. Additionally, our data-driven insights help improve driving behaviors, making roads safer for everyone.

Beyond safety, Crash Detection aids in tracking fraud, enhancing driver retention, improving customer experience, and reducing operating costs. It's the foundation for innovative products like driver income protection in the event of a crash.

Leading with innovation and responsibility

Our mission goes beyond developing cutting-edge technologies. We strive to create solutions that advance technology and provide tangible societal benefits. Our motorcycle Crash Detection exemplifies this vision—pioneering, impactful, and inclusive. As we continue to innovate, we remain dedicated to saving lives every day, ensuring safer journeys in bustling cities or rural roads.

Contact us to join in revolutionizing motorcycle safety and leading the change toward a safer, more secure future for riders everywhere.

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Sentiance is the leader in motion insights. Our mission is to save lives every day and shape the future of road safety. Unlike telematics companies, we focus on the driver and not the vehicle because most accidents are caused by human error.  

With our revolutionary on-device AI technology, companies use insights from The Edge Platform to produce scalable, cost-efficient, and privacy-centric solutions for their customers.


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