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Antwerp/New York – May 14, 2019 Sentiance is happy to announce the partnership with Autoliv Inc., the worldwide leader in automotive safety systems. Leveraging amongst others Sentiance’s platform, Autoliv has launched its Safety Score application. Autoliv Safety Score is created to help ride-sharing companies, insurers, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) derive a unique understanding of an individual’s safe-driving patterns and provide a framework for coaching and improving safe-driving habits, in order to save more lives in every day traffic.

As part of the solution, Autoliv’s Safety Score uses Sentiance’s motion intelligence SDK to monitor the movement of a driver’s mobile device and gain certain insights into their driving events. The events are then further processed and validated through Autoliv safety knowledge, providing the user with a personalized 3-digit safe driver score. Drivers with higher scores exhibit more safe-driving behaviors over an array of data points including turning, acceleration, braking, speed, and distractions.

“We have established a great working relationship with Sentiance,” says Christoffer Malm, Autoliv Director of Digital Business and Mobility. “Many insurers, ride hail companies and car OEMs need a full end-to-end solution. The combination of the Sentiance underlying technology with Autoliv’s proprietary safety algorithms is a great fit, allowing to create very use case specific solutions which also take into account geographical and cultural fine-tuning.”

Sentiance’s insights allow companies to better understand the context of a driver, helping them more accurately predict risk profiles. Through its proprietary platform, Sentiance leverages sensor data to identify driver’s patterns and behaviors to help companies to assess different factors of safe driving.

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