Sentiance and Wasistdas form partnership to support Turkish market

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Sentiance is pleased to announce the collaboration with Wasistdas as Sentiance’s official representation in Turkey.

Wasistdas is a bespoke business development and consulting firm focusing on forming creative, value-generating tools with an emphasis on digitalization of products and services. A representation in Turkey is our latest addition to a growing number of partners worldwide. In addition to our partner RMC Softbank in Japan, having a local presence in Turkey allows Sentiance to closely collaborate with local companies.

The Turkish market represents an important opportunity for Sentiance solutions across a wide range of applications. With the accelerated mobile-first growth of the Turkish mobility, insurtech and e-commerce space, Sentiance and Wasistdas have started to work with both traditional companies and disruptors in Turkey to enable mobility and lifestyle-based innovations.

“Behavioral and contextual intelligence will be key in creating highly personalized experiences in Turkey’s increasingly mobile-first and data-driven market. The development of AI-enabled solutions will create new opportunities in smart mobility, connected health, online-to-offline retail, and smart cities. Sentiance is very well positioned to become the local leader in contextual intelligence. I’m thrilled to be a part of this success story.” said Mert Evcim CEO of Wasistdas.

“I know Wasistdas as a trusted and innovative thinking group of digital experts for many years. I’m super excited to work with Omer Babaoglu (international projects director) and Mert Evcim exploring the opportunities in the Turkish market.” said Toon Vanparys, CEO of Sentiance.

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