Sentiance: Best Mobile User Insight Platform & Innovation in Data Privacy and Security 2020

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Sentiance is awarded as the Best Mobile User Insight Platform & Innovation in Data Privacy and Security 2020 by Wealth & Finance International.

The Artificial Intelligence Awards by Wealth & Finance International have been launched to acknowledge exemplary performance and innovation to companies within this rapidly evolving AI market.

Best Mobile User Insights Platform

Sentiance uses data science and machine learning to turn smartphone sensor data into customers' rich behavioral insights. These insights benefit our clients across insurance, mobility and commerce industries to create innovative and personalized offerings. So what kind of user insights can Sentiance provide?

Lifestyle Insights

The Sentiance platform generates rich insights into your customers' lifestyles by analyzing daily activity patterns and routines. These insights can be blended with declared and cross-channel behavioral data to create a single view of a customer's daily journey. With these insights, retailers, banks and other B2C and C2B businesses can create hyper-personalized offers and engagement at scale to improve customer satisfaction and retention.

Lifestyle Insights - Sentiance

Mobility Insights

In addition to Lifestyle Insights, we also analyze smartphone motion data to understand your customers' mobility profile. The mobility profile identifies the modes of transportation they are taking, trip context, and their driving behavior. With these mobility insights, insurance, car sharing, ride sharing and MaaS (Mobility as a Service) companies can manage risks more efficiently and create hyper-personalized offers.

Innovation in Data Privacy & Security

When it comes to customer insights, data privacy and security are the top priorities. At Sentiance, we have an in-house privacy and security team that ensures all measures are taken such that every client’s data is protected and stored securely. We follow international standards and also have our own internal rules – Sentiance Data Charter – on how to deal with data privacy.

With data-driven business models, companies should provide ethical and sustainable business value for both their customers and the company itself. For example, companies can offer family tracker services for customers to ensure the safety of their loved ones, or provide personalized coaching programs to help customers become safer drivers. In short, companies should leverage data to bring real benefits to customers, not treat them like products for advertisers.

On a technical level, we are continuously working on improvements such as edge computing features to bring customer data privacy to the next level without compromising the quality of insights we provide. We also embrace the trends in app marketplaces to push mobile application developers for more transparency and help our customers proactively in explaining to their end-users what is happening with their data.

Trust is fundamental when it comes to any partnership. Our dedication to data privacy and security is one of the key reasons why Sentiance is trusted by the world's leading companies.

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