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Rider safety and its urgency

Sentiance is redefining how to approach rider safety for two-wheeler vehicles. With our advanced mobile technology, we're taking a deep dive into understanding rider behavior, and this now includes 125 cc motorcycles. Many of those who ride for the gig economy use motorcycles as part of their job, particularly in the food delivery industry, and based on a UK study published in Safety Science, 65% of their online survey respondents were riding 125 cc motorcycles. Also, looking internally at our delivery clients globally, we can assume around 80-85% of deliveries are done by motorbike.

The same research paper reveals that motorbike riders account for 20% of road fatalities and are 50 times more likely to die in road collisions than car occupants. That’s no small matter, given that the global last-mile delivery market size was valued at USD 132.71 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.8% from 2023 to 2030.

So to best contribute to rider safety we must understand rider behavior; we're talking about tracking features like harsh driving events, speeding, rider safety scores, and mobile phone usage during rides.

Real-time insights for enhanced safety

But here's the real innovation: Our technology provides real-time insights to make riders more aware, acting like a personal safety advisor.  Especially since research shows that fears of being involved in a road collision were reported as a major source of anxiety and identified as the ‘greatest hazard of their work’. Sentiance data can help you identify potential risks and help break bad riding habits, making the riding experience more secure and responsible.

In the chart below, we show the raw sensor magnitude signal (grey) and the detected harsh driving events (red) on seven different smartphones in various riding scenarios during verification tests. That’s the level of data and insights we want to reveal.

For example, we found that riders with excellent scores have twice the chance of avoiding a crash, while those who were found guilty of sudden maneuvers leading to a crash, often had a history of harsh driving.

Sentiance's impact, however, extends beyond data analysis & insights. We apply a personalized approach. Each rider's journey and habits are unique, so we customize their experience accordingly. If a rider needs improvement in specific areas, the Sentiance platform provides tailored engagement, in-app educational resources, and personalized coaching. It’s like having a dedicated safety mentor accessible right on your phone!

Not only that, but we’re introducing real-time safety scores, a feature that provides immediate and easy-to-understand feedback on rider performance and the effectiveness of ongoing training programs. It's like a progress report for your riding skills. This instant feedback loop empowers riders to continually enhance their skills and safety practices, and reduce the occupational risks associated with delivery work.

Sentiance's vision and partnerships

Our CEO, Toon Vanparys sums up Sentiance’s goal well:

"We're dedicated to supporting this fast-growing and performance-driven industry by reducing claims and fatalities by 30-40%, improving overall rider safety. Additionally as we move to operate fully on-device, our Sentiance platform puts privacy at the forefront and helps reduce operational and insurance costs." 

We embark on this journey with talabat, the leading delivery platform in the MENA region, and Delivery Hero (the parent company), which operates through its subsidiary brands in over 70 countries worldwide. Together, we introduced their in-app telematics solution to improve rider safety. This partnership is just the start. Our vision is to ensure every rider enjoys a safe journey through cutting-edge technology.

Growing concerns about riders who take risks to deliver orders as quickly as possible also caught the Transport of London (TFL) authority’s attention, initiating a charter last month to keep their motorcycle couriers and other road users safe.


As leaders in car driver safety, it’s only natural to extend our commitment to safety and set a new standard for two-wheelers. So, keep your eyes on the road because Sentiance is devoted to rider safety, one motorbike at a time!

Let's save lives

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Sentiance is the leader in motion insights. Our mission is to save lives every day and shape the future of road safety. Unlike telematics companies, we focus on the driver and not the vehicle because most accidents are caused by human error.  

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