Jiri Crispeyn joins the Sentiance team as Solutions Engineer

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We are pleased to introduce you to Jiri Crispeyn, who joins the Sentiance team as Solutions Engineer. Jiri is a front-end engineer who used to run a social network and an e-commerce platform, he also worked on several big web applications for Tomorrowland and -world, Mobistar, Record Bank and Cigna.

What was the deciding factor for you to work at Sentiance?

I have always dreamed of working on something that can change the future, and I strongly believe Sentiance is capable of doing that. The typical startup culture also definitely drew my attention. It didn't take me much time to make the decision, I'm very happy that I joined the team!

What would you say our possibilities are for real-time dashboard visualization?

2016 will be the year of real-time everything. Real-time dashboards are rapidly finding it's implementation in desktop and mobile apps. Internet of Things has a huge impact on this. By linking smart objects to the internet, IoT enables the exchange of data that was never possible before.

Sentiance has powerful sensor data that is very accurate and intelligent. I think we have to push our limits and see how we can improve on the visualization of our data.

In which area do you think you could contribute the most here at Sentiance?

I obtained my bachelor's degree in Application Development two years ago with a thesis on front-end architecture and workflow automatization on large scale applications.

I have been working with web technologies for at least 6 years, with quite some experience on large scale front-end web applications. I'm sure I can contribute to the complex functionality and interactions in the web applications we create and improve our workflow automatization.

I also have a big interest in user experience design and user interface design. I will try to enhance user satisfaction by improving how we interact with the web applications.

Which frontend technologies are you currently drawn to and would like to immerse yourself more into?

I tend to keep up with the latest front-end technologies all the time. Right now this is Angular 2 and React, so I'd love to learn more about those. Modern front-end technologies are evolving very fast, new browser versions are released quicker which means new web standards are available in weeks rather than years.

Since we mainly work with Angular at Sentiance, I'm really looking forward to see more of Angular 2 which is much quicker and more performant than it's previous versions. I'm definitely a fan of the component-based approach!


Rumor is that you’re quite fond of car racing?

Correct! Both of my parents were active in car racing in the past, so it has been in my blood since forever I think :). During the winter I'm not much on the track but I can also really enjoy an evening of racing on my simulator at home.

Any plans to collect test race sensor data on the race tracks?

That will be probably the first thing I will do once the racing season starts again. I heard my new colleagues are really looking forward to see the results it could bring in.

I also hope it could improve our data on public roads in some way, since that could benefit a bigger range of people.

And lastly, I’m also obliged to ask you about your musical preferences. 🙂 

I'm a jack of all trades when it comes to music. It's not unusual for me to listen to some indie rock on my trip to work, switch to deep house & techno during the morning and end the working day with some EDM. I also like some heavy metal from time to time, I'm looking forward to receive some suggestions on that genre from the metalheads at Sentiance!

Welcome to the Sentiance team!

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