Sustainable mobility: The road to eco-friendly insurance

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We're living in a time when the effects of climate change are more apparent than ever. With unexpected weather changes globally, it's clear that our planet is sending us a message. We believe the motor insurance industry has a part to play in this environmental saga. 

The consensus

Insurance companies must adapt and innovate, aligning with growing regulatory pressures, ESG goals,  and consumer demands for eco-friendly practices. A lot of drivers and riders are worried about climate change (aren't we all?) and are keen to do their bit for the planet. But, knowing exactly what to do isn't always straightforward.

Did you know that:

  • Passenger cars are responsible for around 12% of total EU carbon dioxide emissions (CO2).
  • About 25% of the carbon footprint of an average American is related to the cars they drive.
  • Cars and vans account for around 10% of global CO₂ emissions.

These stats illustrate the substantial role that automotive emissions play in an individual's overall environmental impact. This is where insurers come in, offering a nudge in the right direction with incentives for greener driving habits. The idea is simple yet powerful: use our Motion Insights and Engagement features to make driving more eco-friendly. 

Sentiance’s AI on-device technology turns raw sensor data into Driving, Mobility, and Lifestyle Insights. Detailed insights into the user's driving patterns and transport modes, help build individualized insurance programs and Engagement features that reward fuel-efficient and low-emission driving behaviors and lifestyles. 

Insurer's role in all of this

Here’s how we believe insurers can serve to not only reduce the environmental impact of driving but also to enhance the insurance value proposition by offering cost savings, improving driver safety, fostering customer engagement, and encouraging greener modes of transportation.

Green driving behavior

Here, it's about driving safer, smarter, and more efficiently. Did you know that the fuel efficiency of a vehicle can be affected by 30% by driver behavior, regardless of vehicle size or engine displacement? 

Based on the user’s driving insights, you can educate and engage users directly in your app with sustainable mobility topics, and coach them to become safer drivers. Think smooth acceleration and braking, sticking to speed limits, and not overloading your car, resulting in reduced fuel consumption and C02 emissions.

Green transport modes

This is all about cutting down on those unnecessary trips. Uncover your app user’s mobility & lifestyle patterns to promote sustainable alternatives. Maybe it's time to dust off that bicycle or check out the public transport options instead of your car.

Are they walking, biking, taking the bus, or the train, etc.? Based on their profile, you can encourage a modal shift towards active and greener transport modes.  

In-app Engagement features to encourage a sustainable mindset

  • Eco Score: Measure how eco-friendly users drive based on their driving behavior. A higher score = greener driver
  • Streaks: Encourage users to keep up sustainable mobility behavior
  • Communication campaigns: Educate and engage users on green mobility
  • Knowledge bites & smart tips: Educate users with knowledge and tips on sustainable driving and transport habits
  • Challenges: A step-by-step approach for users to make sustainable mobility choices based on specific behavioral change techniques. 
  • Leaderboards & grouping: Optimize engagement and coaching results by allowing your users to make their groups & leaderboards, and get notifications about their group members' activities.

So, what's the takeaway?

Yes, you save money on your insurance or fuel, but it’s more than that. It's about recognizing that every little bit helps when it comes to protecting our planet. With the help of Sentiance’s full range of Motion Insights and Engagement, we can shift sustainable behavior and essentially play a part in driving toward a greener future.

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