TalkingData and Sentiance conclude a partnership to enable highly personalized mobile offerings in China

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BEIJING, China (September 11th, 2018) – TalkingData and Sentiance announced a new strategic partnership at the T11 Global Big Data Summit in Beijing.

TalkingData is China's largest independent Big Data service platform focused on the mobile economy.  The company’s platform provides a unique foundation of “human data” for more than 800 million monthly active users in China.

Through this new strategic partnership, Sentiance’s motion based intelligence technology will be seamlessly integrated with TalkingData's existing platform.  This will bring new real-world contextual intelligence to enterprises and app developers across China.

“TalkingData is pleased to establish a strategic partnership with Sentiance to explore and launch innovative context-aware data applications that create greater value for Chinese corporate customers.” said Ibrahim Dai, Managing Director, TalkingData Global Innovation Center.

At the T11 Summit, TalkingData demonstrated the joint solution to its customers, exposing for the first time the depth and accuracy of the Sentiance powered artificial intelligence technology.

“Sentiance’s mission is to improve people’s lives through the use of AI.”, said Sentiance CEO Toon Vanparys.  “Our platform enables enterprises to create highly personalized mobile products and services that adapt to the user’s real-time context.  We’re excited to add this new capability to the TalkingData platform and look forward to bringing the power of context to its customers in China.”

Sentiance and TalkingData will work closely to develop more customized solutions for the China market, tailored to verticals such as finance, government, e-commerce, retail, health, mobility etc.


Sentiance’s motion based intelligence platform turns smartphone sensor data into rich insights about people’s behavior and real-time context. These insights help companies engage with their customers and users in a hyper-personalized way. Sentiance’s technology is used in insurance, health, mobility, smart home, connected car, and commerce applications.

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TalkingData is China's largest, independent Big Data service platform that focuses on the mobile app marketplace. TalkingData provides best-in-class Big Data products and services, such as mobile app analytics, mobile ad tracking, mobile game analytics, mobile market intelligence, DMP (Data Management Platform), and industry consulting.

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