The Sentiance Data Charter – How we work with data privacy & security at Sentiance

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Privacy is everywhere; trust is fundamental

When opening your favorite news app – hopefully, it asked you to accept the terms & conditions before you start receiving a personalized news feed. You might have realized that privacy is important in everyday usage.

It’s a good sign that there is increased awareness about privacy, however, it’s sad to see that most privacy-related information shows an inherent dark side of misusing personal data. In many recent advancements in data technology, there is a focus on commercial gain without taking users’ privacy rights into account.

There’s already legislative action taken on a global and local level, but it is up to the companies to show you that personal data is being treated as it should and data subjects’ rights are being upheld. As such, it cannot be stressed enough that trust is the fundamental principle that allows data transactions to happen. Without trust, there won’t be any user acceptance and without such agreement, there is no data to share.

In this blog post, we will share how we propagate the importance of data privacy at Sentiance, and how we establish a privacy-aware culture and bring it into everyday decisions and actions.

Vision-driven culture

To build up trust, it is vital to clearly communicate about the purpose of data collection, data processing, and what value is being provided to end-users.

At Sentiance, we believe that:

“The right use of data and good technology will improve people's lives.”

We have an in-house privacy and security team that ensures our clients' end-user data is protected and stored securely. We follow international standards and also have our own internal rules - the Sentiance Data Charter - of how to deal with data privacy.

The Sentiance Data Charter infographic

There are 3 key sections: integrity, security, thought leadership. What do they really mean?

Who do we work with?

We are client obsessed, but before we can start working with a client, we have a strict qualification process. We consider the purpose of the collaboration; Does the project create value for the end-user? Will the result bring a positive impact on the end user’s life? Do we want to support the mission of the client?

If the project has been approved, we actively advocate an open and transparent relationship between the clients and their end-users.

It is important for us to work with companies with the same kind of values, in order to have a sustainable business relationship and win-win results in the long term.

What data do we process?

When it comes to personal data, the end-users are always in control, whether they are willing to share their data or not. Once our clients get end-users' permission to have the data, our clients become the data owner, Sentiance is a data processor. At Sentiance, we only deal with first-party data, which means that we never sell any data, and we never combine data from different clients.

How do we process the data?

In order to safeguard the privacy of personal data, company policies and processes need to be aligned to the highest level of security standards:

To encourage conversations, we actively participate in conferences and events, inspire our clients and our community about data privacy, data security to make sure we lead by example. We share all relevant information on privacy through our public channels. We ensure Sentiance is always up to date with the latest policies and regulations.

Trust is built by having and adhering to the right values, echoed throughout the organization. Data privacy and security has always been a top priority at Sentiance, it is an asset that our business is built on, and one of the reasons why we are trusted by global leading companies.

This is the first blog post of a series, diving into the Sentiance Data Charter. If you are curious at finding out more about this topic, you can always reach out to our privacy team:

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