Urban mobility and the critical element of being safe

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Guest blogpost by Christoffer Malm - Director of Digital Business & Mobility, Autoliv AB for the occasion of MOVE America where Autoliv is Platinum Sponsor.



The mobility landscape is changing faster than ever. Roughly two years ago, the e-scooters came to some main cities as a micro mobility option, and since then, new modes of transportation have entered the market. All of these meaning to enable urban mobility in fantastic ways. The future urban transport system needs to provide safe, sustainable and easy transportation on demand. Despite the opportunities these new modes of transportation bring, questions not yet solved for global scalability and usage are in front of us. Issues like underlying infrastructure, traffic management and safety are areas of vital importance. Of these three, Autoliv focuses on the safe transportation of people from door to door. Autoliv also recognizes that considering safety for urban mobility can create more flexibility and trust for the end user. At the end of the day, urban mobility is where an individual simply wants to travel from one point in a city/place to another, in a safe way, as efficient and sustainable as possible fulfilling a need for that individual. In any of the transportation services or ecosystems that are being developed, a focus should always be on the lives that need to be protected, and how these services add to the UN vision of 50% reduction of fatalities and serious accidents on the roads, however we may travel now or in the future.



Considering road safety from the beginning, using the Safe System Approach as in Vision Zero, creates opportunity in forming a new ecosystem and drives the agenda of enabling urban mobility over the long term. An occupant-restraint system such as an airbag has an ecosystem. It is made up of an impact sensor, an inflation module and a flexible fabric bag forming the airbag cushion, which is connected to the overall car data bus, working together to protect the driver or passenger in a collision. Similarly, an ecosystem of safety-related data and products will further enable safety for urban mobility. All components are needed to have a protective system in place. For this, creating new definitions of what it means to be a safe driver whether driving a car, an e-scooter, or other modes of transportation becomes key. Also, defining what built-in protective safety equipment should be on the different types of vehicles becomes part of the equation. 8 For any serious player in the urban mobility domain, forming this as a base opens the opportunity to be part of an ecosystem of the future that is just beginning to take shape, where data drives key decisions for the infrastructure to work properly over time, and for people to get to places faster in a safe way. Autoliv is driving the agenda of what protection for tomorrow’s urban mobility can look like, finding a common way of defining what safe driving is all about, how it can be understood from a data point of view, independent of the mode of transport.


Merging the vision of what urban mobility can be with what we have today is the start of a new kind of journey. There are more than 1.35 million fatalities on the road globally per year. Airbags, seatbelts, and other safety equipment have been crucial in lowering this number and minimizing the seriousness when a collision occurs, ultimately saving even more lives. Through communication, regulations, and the global drive of road safety as a topic, many lives are saved in everyday traffic scenarios. To truly enable urban mobility, these discussions need to drive concrete actions for the micro-mobility of the future. Urban mobility needs to become safe mobility, and by focusing on road safety from the beginning, trust will be built with the individual using the service or product.

Produced by Christoffer Malm, Director of Digital Business & Mobility, Autoliv AB

Sentiance has a unique partnership with Autoliv Inc., the worldwide leader in automotive safety systems. Leveraging amongst others Sentiance’s platform, Autoliv has launched its Safety Score application and its Autoliv Connected Safety Cloud. Autoliv Safety Score is created to help ride-sharing companies, insurers, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) derive a unique understanding of an individual’s safe-driving patterns and provide a framework for coaching and improving safe-driving habits, in order to save more lives in everyday traffic.



You can meet us at the MOVE Americas on the Autoliv booth, May 12 – 13, 2020. For more information, contact either Autoliv by pressing here or write us a mail at info@sentiance.com

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