Stay apart. Work together!

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At Sentiance, ingenuity is a key part of our day-to-day operation. As the world continues to face a severe pandemic, employers are looking for ways to conduct business while ensuring the safety of their employees. Sentiance has created new ways of communicating and keeping our culture alive while we work from home (WFH).

Work from home - home office

The virtual office culture

We are driven individuals who enjoy working together to keep our commitments to our clients.

Our Toronto and Vilnius teams are used to working remotely from their offices, but now we face a different reality where nobody is working from the offices. We have a deeper understanding and connection of how our 1-member teams in London and New York feel.

We remember our rituals and traditions, so we cherish this in a virtual office. Having lunch together, chats in the kitchen now become video calls once a day. We started a Sentiance band which creates songs, we introduce our families, share our favorite meals, and even our pets want to say hello to the other "hoomans" on the screen.

While the new circumstances in the world are quite challenging, we share our WFH life to connect and let each other know that we are in this together, keeping the positive energy, motivation and focus while keeping our company goals and values in mind.

Sentiance work from home - hat theme team photo

Our team believes in Sentiance’s values that create a more substantial impact on our daily lives. We find ways to keep the values going by sharing openness, curiosity, grit, integrity, and a bit of weirdness.

Challenges of working from home

  • Team members with "little people" are facing the challenge of keeping them entertained.
  • Sharing home space with our spouses who are also working from home.
  • Lack of in-person interactions with each other.
  • Getting a coffee together, because who doesn’t enjoy having a meeting with our energy juice?
  • Creating work-life balance, while working from home. Identifying what is work time vs. home time.
  • Keep focused and motivated, at home is more relaxing and more distractions.

Tips while working from home

  • Morning routine.
    Keep to your morning routine as if you were going into work.
  • Designated workspace.
    Setting up space is very important to keep away distractions.
  • Mini-Breaks.
    Setting up a break time schedule to help avoid fatigue or the feeling of over-working.
  • Self-care.
    Do not forget to have a rest and to have “log off” time from your computer and notifications.
  • Communication.
    Keep communicating through digital channels (Slack, Zoom, Emails).
  • Preparation.
    If you have back-to-back meetings, try to leave 5 minutes early to clear your mind and prepare for your next.
  • Work-life schedule.
    Set up a schedule where you would be able to work in between the kids’ nap and bedtime.
    Set up a spouse rotation with the kids whether its playtime, eating or bedtime.
  • News time.
    Take into consideration new challenges according to the World Health Organization, it's recommended to choose reliable sources to read and dedicate time for news reading instead of doing it all day long.
  • Music.
    Listen to music that stimulates your focus and meditation or just as background to kill the silence. Check out our new soundtrack: Sentiance Self-isolation Soundtrack.

work from home - sentiance music playlist

How does the team feel?

"I feel that we are even more connected while working remotely. We are all letting our colleagues into our homes, more video calls, we created a Sentiance WFH song, trying to connect even more than before."

-- Gintare (Vilnius, Lithuania)

"It's saved me a 2 hour round trip on the notorious Toronto public transport system, the TTC, working from home can also be a bit isolating. Thankfully we've set up a couple of daily standup calls to keep our social skills fine-tuned, and we're being supported by the company with allowances for home office equipment and some home-delivered food. CABIN FEVER HASN'T SET IN YET."

-- Will (Toronto, Canada)

"Today my personal MasterChef has prepared this shrimp quinoa “risotto”. How blessed am I to be in quarantine with such a great chef?"

-- Claudio (Antwerp, Belgium)

"I know we have a Slack channel dedicated for casual posts, but I feel like we need a virtual coffee corner/watercooler now that there is no longer an office (Goodbye Korte Lozanastraat 20-26, you will be missed [and other office addresses])."

-- Shaun (Antwerp Belgium)

"I am bummed that I can't travel to Antwerp, after all these months! But as long as everyone is safe, healthy and “distant”. I can definitely wait a little longer before coming over!"

-- Prakash (Bangalore, India)

Sentiance home work-out collage

Sentiance home work out class

Stay apart. Work together!

Although we are working from home, staying away from our team members, the Sentiance team is even more connected. While chatting from our home offices, we get to know each other from another perspective. Our family members, pets, favorite books and the smallest details of our houses become part of our daily communication at Sentiance.

Of course, we are looking forward to coming back to our offices and we miss our coffee machines and chats around them. But no matter how long it will take, we will make it work!

Take care, and help the world to flatten the curve!

flatten the curve

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