Looking back, marching forward: Sentiance’s 2021 year-in-review

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While many feel this year is an extension of the never-ending 2020, at Sentiance we beg to differ. The global pandemic without a doubt still has its impact, but we have a lot to be thankful for.

Across all industries, our clients’ focus in 2021 has been about improving the customer experience. Therefore, we helped them by building the right products, technologies, and support. By delivering remarkable work in this new, conscious, customer-centric world, it led us to exciting collaborations with some of the world’s most innovative people and companies.

Looking back, we listed some of the accomplishments we are particularly proud of ??



Crash detection
With Autoliv (a worldwide leader in automotive safety), we proudly co-developed the first on the edge mobile Crash Detection solution, which has been validated and is now live with clients! In addition, the crash report dashboard is constantly being developed to best visualize multiple context information such as traffic and weather conditions at the time of the crash. This will make the claims settlement process more efficient and help identify fraudulent claims.

Mobility profiler
We also improved and simplified our Mobility Profiler with our next-gen model. We help our clients to gain deeper insights into their customer transport patterns and easily evolve with their needs. This model uses accelerometer data and speed information from GPS and can run fully on-device (privacy by design). Stay tuned to know more and get access to an early release in 2022.

Digital driver coaching
Our digital driver coaching platform was successfully implemented, rolled out, and even validated thanks to the work done with our client, RAC. It leverages a variety of mobility insights from our platform and behavioral change techniques to reduce distracted driving through personalized, data-driven visualizations and engagement. If you are looking for a good read during this holiday, expect a blog post coming out next week and a detailed white paper coming soon after ?


2021 was our year of technological breakthroughs with a couple of noteworthy achievements:

Privacy-centric, on-device solutions
The Sentiance data processing algorithms on transport classification, venue mapping, and segmentation moved from the Cloud into an early access Mobile SDK-based solution, aka on-device. Having it run fully on-device means no personal data, including your location information, leaves the phone. Therefore, the app can be notified of users' transports in real-time.

Also, we hope this cost-efficient solution (as there is no cloud infrastructure) will help you scale your intelligent products that redefine the industry. This move was no easy task. It required our scientists and engineers to push the boundaries of machine learning algorithms and work with limited data and computing resources. Your privacy is our priority.

Sentiance platform
We made multiple improvements to the platform making it even more stable and reliable. For example, we moved all operational data processing tasks into our microservices framework, thus eliminating legacy batch processing.

Our people


This year we launched our official Hybrid Workplace Policy allowing Sentiants to work from wherever and whenever they feel the most comfortable and productive, all while sticking to our 4 key guiding principles:

We listened to what Sentiants had to say and truly believe this policy suits everyone’s needs and fits with today’s times.



2021 did not fail us when it comes to recognition for our work and innovation. We were selected and featured in many top lists in the technology world including but not limited to:

  • AI FinTech 100 listing the world’s most innovative companies developing AI technologies in Financial Services
  • InsurTech 100 listing the world’s most innovative InsurTech companies

Also, winning the 2021 FinTech Award for “Best FinTech Mobile Telematics Provider – Europe” reinforced the quality of our work and fueled us more to keep pushing boundaries and use our technology for good in 2022 and beyond ??

What's ahead

“There’s an important and undeniable shift happening towards contributing to a safer, more sustainable, and happier society. Customers today have an abundance of brands to choose from, and only want to select those that fit such values.” - says Toon, CEO at Sentiance.

With that in mind, Sentiance will undoubtedly continue to build highly reliable technical components for clients and provide them with deep actionable insights to build solutions that improve their customers’ life.

Marching forward into 2022, we want to move most of our platform on the edge to fit with our privacy by design philosophy. For most businesses, future success means contributing to a better world, and technology will be a key ingredient in that. It will help companies understand how every individual wants to take part, and our platform will only speed up the process to capture those insights.

So bring on the new year, we’re ready! ?

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