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Driver behavior intelligence for user-based insurance and driver-centric risk management.

Let’s turn bad drivers into safe and loyal customers.

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Risk management

Better risk control with AI powered real-time insights.


Faster Claim Resolution

Understand claim situations faster, and more accurately.


Safer drivers

Coach safer driving behaviors, for the ultimate win-win.


Reduce Fraud

Get to know the real story, with in-depth analysis.

Driver Behavior Insights

  • Driver event analytics

    Accurately detects intensity and duration of accelerations, brakes, turns, speeding, coasting.

  • Distracted driving detection

    Automatically detects in-car phone handling while driving.

  • Crash detection

    Applies machine-learning techniques to detect and analyze collisions in real-time.

  • Driver scoring

    Calculates multi-layered driving scores based on anticipation, smooth and legality (speeding).

  • Driver lifestyle profiling

    Provides a holistic driver lifestyle profile, based on out-of-car context and activity monitoring.

  • Multi-modal transport detection

    Automatically detects transport modes, distinguishing car trips from public transportation.

  • Driver/passenger detection

    Identifies a customer’s role as a driver or passenger based on unique driver characteristics.

  • Trip Prediction

    Predict your drivers’ next car trip. Suggest first mile/last mile shared mobility solutions to lower risks.

  • Trip Analytics

    Delivers in-depth trip insights with sequential events of the entire trip.

  • Trip Context

    Contextualizes driving behavior by identifying a trip’s purpose and driving conditions.

Holistic driver profiling

Our driver-centric approach fueled by smartphone sensor data unveils specific driver habits and behavior in real-time, building a rich holistic driver profile.

  • Detailed and accurate driving event detection
  • Multidimensional driving behavior scoring
  • Context-aware intelligence
  • Mobility behavior profiling
  • Lifestyle behavior profiling

In-depth trip analytics

Multidimensional trip analytics to show driving behavior. Steep accelerations and heavy braking result in a lower Smooth Driving Score. Legal driving score measures how well the driver adheres to speed limits; Anticipative driving score measures how well the driver anticipates traffic situations.

  • Smooth Driving
  • Legal Driving
  • Anticipative Driving
  • Focus Driving
  • Hard Accelerations
  • Hard Braking
  • Hard Turns

Crash Detection

Save lives and improve your claims experience with our latest crash detection solution. Real-time detection, immediate notifications, crash reconstruction, fast claim processing.

Low cost & simple deployment

The setup requires a simple SDK integration into a smartphone app and provides a flexible API for accessing the driving events, context and scores.

  • Simple SDK integration into mobile application.
  • Over-the-air deployment enabling broad reach and selective activation.
  • Minimal battery and bandwidth usage, thanks to optimized sensor fusion and minimized GPS fixes.
  • Simple over-the-air software updates; no hardware updates or maintenance required.
  • Option to match driver to single car via mobile app connection to Bluetooth beacon in car.

Case study

Reducing Distracted Driving with Behavioral Coaching

Sadly, over 150 people were killed on Western Australian (WA) roads in 2020 and distracted driving was a factor in ~13% of those crashes. RAC (Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia)  partnered with Sentiance to end mobile phone-related distracted driving by creating the Safer Driver App.


  • 60% drop in distracted behavior
  • 75% of app users engaged with focused-driving challenges
  • 34% of the time users engaged with the app after completing a car trip
  • 60% of users continued engaging with the app after the evaluation period

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