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Explore the most recent updates to our Crash Detection model that managed to bring false positive rates down ~5x without sacrificing true positives. We also present to you the new crash forensics reporting!
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App developers are always on the lookout for SDKs that best fit their applications. It could be to improve product quality, increase stability, or speed up application development. Whatever the reason, it has become …
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Sentiance partnered up with For Good to leverage the power of AI to analyze the effects of Belgian social distancing measures on people's lifestyle, mobility and ecological footprint. In this article, we present our …
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When I was pitching my startup to investors, a common question was, “what if the FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google) enter your industry?”. Such questions were often asked by rookie venture capitalists, but …
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At Sentiance, we apply behavioral science to realize the full potential of our contextual insights, detections, and predictions. We observe, predict, and change behavior, while retaining users on our clients’ applications. This requires negotiating …
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Context defines needs, intent and consent of the consumer and the sooner brands understand that notion the faster they’re able to create impactful and meaningful personalized interactions. We are living in a world where …
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Life is in constant motion. People move from place to place, from one moment to another, from one stage in their life to the next, changing personalities and needs along the way. When you …

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