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Reduce the risk of car accidents and save lives. Learn more about how Sentiance's on-device AI solution quickly detects high-impact crashes, checks if you're okay, and initiates the accident management process.
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Explore the most recent updates to our Crash Detection model that managed to bring false positive rates down ~5x without sacrificing true positives. We also present to you the new crash forensics reporting!
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Here is what will happen in the future when a car crash happens: The customer's mobile phone will automatically detect the car crash, check with the occupants if they need medical or towing help, …
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Why do you need crash detection? Our clients are on a mission to save lives by providing on-time assistance during a crash. Making roads safer. Supporting families in crash situations. Settling insurance claims on …
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Antwerp/New York – May 14, 2019 Sentiance is happy to announce the partnership with Autoliv Inc., the worldwide leader in automotive safety systems. Leveraging amongst others Sentiance’s platform, Autoliv has launched its Safety Score …

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