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Discover how Driving Insights pioneers two-wheeler safety solutions, innovating transport mode classification, event detection models, and adaptable scoring frameworks for the gig economy.
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Sentiance is at the forefront of revolutionizing rider safety on two-wheelers. Through cutting-edge technology, we provide real-time insights and personalized solutions, ensuring every ride is secure and tailored to the rider's needs. Join us …
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Explore on-device Driving Insights in this blog post. We delve into the technical aspects of our latest road safety tech, covering distracted, harsh, and speedy driving behaviors, all running on your device. Enhance your …
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Discover 5 important points insurers should make while launching their Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) programs. Sentiance shares insights into telematics technology, data collection metrics, privacy measures, incentives, and communication strategies, ensuring a successful UBI venture.
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Traffic accidents claim millions of lives each year, making the democratization of road safety crucial. Learn how the insurance industry can contribute through risk assessment, education, collaboration, and driver monitoring technology. Explore shared-value insurance …
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The nuance between data and insights might seem small, but the difference is huge. Where data represents raw facts and observations, insights are the meaningful interpretations and understandings derived from analyzing and contextualizing that data. Navigating …

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